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CHarity Prints

3 prints, 5  items.

Our charity releases are available now and we will be donating

25% of all sales on these to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust UK. 

'People with cystic fibrosis (CF) often look healthy, but it's a life-limiting condition that affects those living with it in many ways'.

For more information, to donate, or for any inspiration on how

you can raise awareness you can visit..... 



See more of the styles in the charity collection below. Although available as a 3 stack you can also add any of the styles from this collection to your own mix and match stack as well!


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Why choose to reuse

There are loads of reasons to choose reusable nappies..... 

Overall cost

Disposables per child -£850-£1100

Cloth nappies - Approx £400  

pssst thats under half the total price!

more if used for more than one child

Incentive schemes

Can offer even more savings, depending on your

local authority

Cute bottoms

Beautiful prints and colours to choose



On bottoms as nasty chemicals sitting against

babies skin.

on the planet as the manufacturing impact

is far less than that of disposables

waste reduction

A household can save roughly 99% of waste

that would be produced by using disposable

nappies if they choose to use cloth.


There is a wonderful and supportive network 

of parents who have chosen cloth  


Once you have got your fit, explosions

are very well contained with cloth